A headshot of Spencer

Spencer Rinehart


I am a full-stack engineer with over ten years of PHP experience and over four years of Node.js experience. I have extensive experience with Linux as a development machine and as the base of a production software stack. Over the past five years, I have also worked on various DevOps projects gaining experience with Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Jenkins CI, and Amazon Web Services. I am passionate about establishing best practices for an engineering team including proper version control usage, open source software, continuous integration, 12-factor architecture, and community development, including hackathons and coding competitions.

Work Experience


Software Engineer January 2016–Present

I am currently a software engineer for FloSports where I work on a live-streaming platform for sporting events. I am using my experience with PHP to build a scalable API for managing athlete and team identities, and an event registration system built on top of Angular 2.

Help.com–Live Chat

Software Engineer September 2014–January 2016

I was a full-stack software engineer for Help.com where I helped build a live chat application. i I laid the foundation for a Docker-based production deployment system and built some of the core components of Help.com's microservice-based architecture. I worked extensively on building Node.js microservices and instrumenting them in our frontend Ampersand.js (a Backbone.js derivative) application.

Dominion Enterprises–TraderOnline.com

Web Programmer June 2006–September 2014

I worked at Dominion Enterprises for 8 years on a variety of web applications, APIs, and DevOps/Systems applications. My primary role was a PHP software engineer with a focus on APIs and core functionality. I also led projects for release management and server/process automation. I was the head of a company-wide Open Source committee and a member of the company's Technical Talent Acquisition Group (TTAG).

Some of the key projects that I led include:

  • introducing and managing version control systems including automated release processes;
  • introducing unit testing and test-driven development;
  • developing a RESTful API and converting applications to access it;
  • developing an AWS cloud-based automated deployment process utilizing continuous delivery; and
  • establishing the company's open source portfolio, leading up a committee to maintain it, and evangelising OSS to the company as a whole.

The websites I serviced are primarily focused on classified advertising and dealer inventory and recieve thousands of requests per minute. I gained work-related experience with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS/Less, Ruby, Puppet, Chef, Linux, MongoDB, SOLR, and Python, among other technologies.


Virginia Tech

Computer Science August 2003–May 2006

In three years, I received a B.S. in Computer Science.


Primary Expertise

  • PHP 10+ years
  • Node.js 4+ years
  • Docker 3+ years
  • Linux 10+ years

Additional Skills

  • HTML/CSS/JS 10+ years
  • AWS 3+ years
  • Ansible/Chef/Puppet 3+ years
  • Ruby 3 years